Golden Cross Pearl Earrings

Golden Cross Pearl Earrings

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Timeless and adored, pearls are talismans that bring happiness and awaken feminine inner beauty. The modern design of this piece allows it to be worn alone or in pair. We like to wear it on one ear combined with the golden cross pearl earring from our collection.

About the author:

Marija and Milena, two sisters behind Kalys, dreamed together about fine jewelry inspired by Balkan fairy tales. Marija studied jewelry design in Paris, after graduation she started working for a prestigious jewelry and watch maker in Geneva. Milena worked for a big consultancy firm in Geneva. Their Serbian roots, connection to local folk and culture, combined with experience in the fine jewelry and consulting industry gave shape to what Kalys is today. Objects and symbols from the Balkan culture are a starting idea for every collection.


The earring is made of 9k gold with freshwater pearls.

Size: 10mm

Weight: 0.63g