Balkan Filigree pendant

Balkan Filigree pendant

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The filigree technique was widely used by the Balkans jewelers from the 15th century onward, the delicate ornaments are created by twisting together silver threads. This round pendant is a replica of traditional Balkan jewelry. The traditional lines depict their timelessness when worn on a simple shirt or dress.

About the author:

The Čivljaku family is originally from the town of Prizren in Kosovo. The family is passing its craft from generation to generation. Prizren has been for centuries one of the goldsmith centers in south east Europe.

Material: 925 sterling silver

Product care:

With time, in contact with air the silver oxydates and becomes darker, delicately wash the pendant with soft hand soap and a tooth brush

Note: The Pendant is sold without the necklace.

Size and Weight:  h 3.5cm / 8.1g