Potter Velja Đorđević

During my travel in east Serbia, in the city of Zaječar, I had the honor to meet in person our most famous potter, Velja Đorđević, a real artisan and naive artist. 

While wandering for artisanal works in Serbia, the name of Velja Đorđević kept coming back to me everywere I was asking about traditional pottery. When I called him, he was happy to hear abou my interest and invited me in his home. When entering his courtyard, I felt like entering an open air museum of the most fantastic clay creatures, in his home, every corner was covered by amazing works of art. I was expecting an artisan and discovered one of our most famous naive artist. 

He offered me traditional turkish coffee and started telling his story. It is the story of craftmanship in Yugoslavia. I learned how difficult it was tho obtain a master artisan certificate and the importance of it. The apprenticeship lasted for many years, it required hard work and the final exam was passed at a national commision. Craftmanship was once considered an important economic sector, and only the best achieved the title of master artisan in a field.

Today, Velja's works are displayed in ethnographic museums around Serbia and he participated in many art exhibitions around the world.  We have a great business relationship and his pottery can be found in Makadam!